What is YOUR action plan?

credit: Instagram @marinaaav

credit: Instagram @marinaaav

What does it take to lose 85 pounds? One of our newest members is on a quest to find out! Recomp Hacks is a personal fitness journal with weekly reviews of diet, exercise, and commentary on general progress. Recently the author had a blood draw and consult with WellnessFX; he’s now using his results to bring himself closer to his goal.

His numbers turned out quite well. Specifically, there were no visible problems with cholesterol levels even though he expected them to be slightly higher. His Vitamin D levels were a little low, and his ALT (a biomarker for the liver) turned out a bit high.

The consult with his practitioner addressed these issues. Recommendations included certain supplements, more sleep, and tracking sleep patterns. Using his new information, here’s the action plan he came up with:

Pretty cool, huh? We’d love to hear from more of our members: what’s your action plan? Tell us in the comment section below.

Since our new member has been tracking himself for quite a while, he compared his numbers to a separate draw from nearly two years ago. Check it out:


CLICK HERE for the complete post.

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