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Better Alternative To An Office Visit, Or The Only?

The one thing most people expect when they go to see their doctor: the physical exam. The physical exam is meant to help identify and prevent different ailments by inspecting different aspects of the human body. It has become a … Continue reading

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What Do We Want? Lab Results! When Do We Want Them? NOW!

Do you wish you could have access to all your health information, not just what your physician chooses to show you? Currently, only patients in a few states can access their lab results. Due to certain HIPAA (the federal medical … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why WellnessFX Is Better than Your Annual Physical

Diagnostic medicine is dramatic. Doctors are expected to be detectives and to solve health crises with extremely limited time and information. Yet we are conditioned to believe that a visit to our doctor is the  only way to address our … Continue reading

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Guest Post: What is Wellness FX, and Why Should I Care?

Andy Petranek is the founder of CrossFit Los Angeles. He has been inspiring people to lives of health and fitness for over 20 years. His passion for life and sport has led him in many directions – from classical music … Continue reading

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