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Building a Healthy Start-up Kitchen Part 3: How to Eat

How you eat is almost as important as what you eat. We have shared our grocery list as well as how to find nutritious ingredients. Now Johanna Thorn, WellnessFX resident nutrition consultant, shares some healthy eating habits. We asked a … Continue reading

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Building a Healthy Start-up Kitchen, Part 2: How to find, how to eat?

Now we’ve shared our kitchen with you, we’re done right? Hardly. The next question Johanna usually receives is “where do you get everything from?” We believe in feeding ourselves highly nutritious, fresh, organic products. Luckily, we’re based in California and … Continue reading

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Building a Healthy Startup Kitchen, Part 1: The Nutritious Grocery List

At WellnessFX, we practice what we preach. Our kitchen is stock full of healthy choices to satisfy everyone from a carnivore to an omnivore to a vegan.  Luckily, we have the fantastic Johanna Thorn, N.C. who helps our entire team … Continue reading

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Engineers Do Better in Startups

I agree with a lot of Bindu’s article, Why Engineers Are Better off Joining Startups. I started a fairly successful Web 1.0 company in the 1990’s. At that time we had to hand roll even the most basic infrastructure to … Continue reading

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