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Biomarker Series: The Wrap-Up

Over the last several weeks, our Medical Director Doctor Murdoc Khaleghi has walked us through the ins and outs of WellnessFX Baseline. From the latest and greatest predictor of heart disease to the connection between the sunshine vitamin and chronic … Continue reading

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Biomarker Series: The Many Functions of Vitamin D

Have you ever been jealous of plants? They have the awesome ability of turning sunlight into usable energy, or food. Believe it or not, us humans have a similar skill. We can use the energy of the sun directly to … Continue reading

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Introduction to Baseline from WellnessFX

It’s been three weeks since WellnessFX launched Baseline for Bay Area residents. We will be expanding the service shortly. For a glimpse of how Baseline works, watch the below video narrated by our Medical Director, Doctor Murdoc Khaleghi. If you … Continue reading

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WellnessFX Product News that May Benefit Your Health

At WellnessFX we’re excited to share good news on the product front, coming straight from CEO Jim Kean and COO Brent Vaughan, the company co-founders: WFX: What can you share about the company progress and timeline? Jim Kean: We’re excited … Continue reading

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