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Optimal Health Webinar Series – Nutrition at the Cellular Level (12/11/12)

What do you do when you have relationships with several awesome individuals with so much knowledge to share, and an equally awesome community of active learners? Well, you bring the two together, of course! WellnessFX is doing just that in … Continue reading

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Why Butter Is Good For You

In the 50s and 60s the American government went on a campaign against dietary fats. Representatives of the American Heart Association appeared on national television to inform the general public that the consumption of butter, lard, eggs, and beef leads … Continue reading

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Knowing Your Vitamin D Levels

For early humans, most of their day was spent outside in the sun with copious amounts of UV-rays for vitamin D synthesis. Today, however, more and more people work indoors under artificial lighting. Even when people do spend time under … Continue reading

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Surviving Sleep Deprivation with the Bulletproof Executive

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. You’ve been at your layover for five hours, waiting for a delayed flight. You have a presentation at 9 o’clock sharp. You’ll make it, but there won’t be time for sleep. The last thing … Continue reading

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What to feed your kids to optimize their health and performance

You’ve seen it before. The cranky five-year-old who won’t sit still. The kid on a sugar-high one second and whining for more the next. We point fingers to the parenting, or excuse as inevitable bumps in the road towards maturity. … Continue reading

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Your Optimal Fatty Acid Level With the Bulletproof Executive

You take your fish oil religiously, but how much do you really know about the different fatty acids and the affects they have on your body? In following today’s nutritional trends, your fatty acid ratios may not be optimal for your … Continue reading

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Why We Need Vitamin D with the Bulletproof Executive

“Have you had your Vitamin D today?” This could one day be a retort as common as getting leafy greens or your multivitamin.  With our lives mainly spent inside in the sunniest hours, we are missing those crucial rays to … Continue reading

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Bullet Proof Exec & Optimizing Supplement Use

The WellnessFX team often use supplements to augment our personal health and our practitioners typically recommend supplements in addition to other lifestyle changes to optimize your health. When we came across this post from the Bullet Proof Executive on how … Continue reading

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Bullet Proof Exec Gets Drawn

Check out the WellnessFX experience for yourself courtesy of the Bullet Proof Executives’ Dave Asprey: WellnessFX – Bulletproof Blood drawing from Dave Asprey on Vimeo.

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