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WellnessFX Launches Mobile App!

A ‘Better Way to Manage your Health’ goes Mobile today! We released our first app to the iOS store today which helps you build, manage and track your personal health goals. With the WellnessFX mobile app, you can research vitamins … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Optimize Your Doctor Visit

Carrie Rinderknecht is a certified holistic health counselor and owner of Blue Sage Wellness. She offers individual and group programs to those interested in receiving holistic support and believe in the body’s natural ability to heal. To learn more, visit … Continue reading

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WellnessFX Product News that May Benefit Your Health

At WellnessFX we’re excited to share good news on the product front, coming straight from CEO Jim Kean and COO Brent Vaughan, the company co-founders: WFX: What can you share about the company progress and timeline? Jim Kean: We’re excited … Continue reading

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Cancer, Your Health, and the Environment: Presidential Cancer Report

Last weekend I was reading the President’s Cancer Panel publication “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk.” It is a long report (240 pages) but well worth reviewing given the effect the environment has on personal health. A lot of the insight was … Continue reading

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