FREE WellnessFX Data Account

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Have you gotten your blood tested already? Don’t think WellnessFX can provide you anything useful?

Well, think again. WellnessFX is starting up a new Data Upload Account program. Whether or not you got your blood test through us, you can upload it and receive all the benefits of the WellnessFX platform. Here’s a glimpse of what that means:

basic lipid panel timYou’ll be able to see where your numbers line up on the risk meter, what each biomarker means, and track your progress over time. And did we mention it’s free?!

Spots are limited in this free BETA trial, so register today to get on the waiting list.

Click Here to get on the waiting list!

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Blood vs. Genetic Testing – Why Do Both?

credit: Instagram @b_lighted

credit: Instagram @b_lighted

We hear this question all of the time. Our members are dedicated to living right today so they can live well tomorrow, and a big part of that is ‘knowing your numbers.’ But what does that mean? How can genetic testing fit into this?

We recently took these questions to Pathway Genomics, a genetic testing laboratory, to combine with our own knowledge of tracking biomarkers to create a useful and comprehensive answer. Below we list the benefits of each, and how they can ultimately complement each other for the best results in prevention and on-going wellness.

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WellnessFX Now Available in Ohio and Pennsylvania!

Now Available In Ohio AND Pennsylvania. Click Here!

credit: Instagram @graemelamont

credit: Instagram @graemelamont

WellnessFX continues to branch out as more and more of you express your interest. We are happy to announce we are now available in both Ohio and Pennsylvania!

Yes, WellnessFX is slowly taking over the East Coast.

Even though the two states are new territories for us, providing a quality experience is something we’re well verse in. So signing up for WellnessFX is easy; you’ll be driving over for your blood draw before you know it!

Once you’re on our WellnessFX Baseline product page, find a blood draw location near you, sign up.

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Vote for WellnessFX!

credit: Instagram @essemdake

credit: Instagram @essemdake

What does WellnessFX have in common with Nike Plus, Fitocracy, Gympact, and Larklife? We’re all nominated for Mashable’s Most Innovative Health & Fitness Company!

What sets us apart? YOU! Our wonderful community. Mashable editors nominated us, now you can help us win.

Mashable’s Innovation Index celebrates recent tech, digital and social innovations that have redefined your world. For each of the 15 Innovation Index categories, our hand-picked curators have selected five companies, products or technologies that are pushing the boundaries in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Now it’s your turn to cast your vote for the best innovation in each category. Voting is open until December 10, 2012, when Mashable will announce the winners of the 2012 Innovation Index.

Voting ends December 10th and you can vote every day. Look for WellnessFX under the Health and Fitness section!

Click Here to Vote!

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Holiday Recipe Series: Rounding Out Your Plate

Thanksgiving is over. We’re all recovering. Hopefully you didn’t consume too many carbs. But hey, even if you did, it’s in the past, right? With a little planning, your future can look healthier than ever, even if the holiday season is just getting started. If case you’ve been missing out, WellnessFX is doing a healthy holiday recipe series from various cookbooks, blogs, and from our own personal network. Make sure to check out:

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Well(nessFX) of Health: A Review

WellnessFX is easy, fast, and empowering.

Your words, not ours. Kasey, one of our newest members, recently immortalized her WellnessFX experience in the written word. Not only does she share some interesting biomarker results, but detailed advice from her consult as well. If you ever wanted to know what working with WellnessFX is like, read on.

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Need A Reason to Stay Health-Conscious This Holiday Season? Here’s Two!

credit: Instagram @lizydoc

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Maybe you’ve heard the frightening statistic that Americans gain an average of seven pounds over the holidays? Well, you can let out a sigh of relief: apparently that’s a myth.

BUT WAIT! Don’t bite into that pecan pie just yet! We still haven’t gotten to the bad news.

While a 2000 study concluded that Americans don’t gain an average of 7 pounds, they did find that weight gain over the holidays does exist. It’s a whopping one pound.

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Optimize Your Health When You’re Not At Home

credit: Instagram @lauren_louviere

It’s great to visit family, loved ones, old friends. But it can be stressful when it interferes with a routine you’ve really grown into. Hours in a plane, different time zones, tons of food you have no clue the content of, and too many people to see and not enough time.

How do you maintain your regimen, sleeping patterns, and bulletproof diet plan?

The truth is, it may not be possible to preserve the healthy aspects of home life 100%. But that doesn’t mean you should just throw it all to the wind! Check out these 13 tips on how to enjoy this holiday season, and feel good doing it.

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Interview with WellnessFX’s CEO Jim Kean

credit: HealthTech Capital

Recently WellnessFX was honored with the People’s Choice Award at the HealthTech Conference back in October. HealthTech Capital is a group of private investors dedicated to funding and mentoring new “HealthTech” start-ups and the award was determined by all of the attendees who participated in the conference.

As a result, HealthTech interviewed WellnessFX CEO Jim Kean about the birth of the company, what we offer, our vision for the future, and the changing face of healthcare.

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21 Tips to Stay Healthy For The Holidays

credit: Instagram @maxefc

credit: Instagram @maxefc

We reached out to our wonderful practitioner network and asked them one simple question: How can our readers avoid getting sick during the holiday travel season?

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