Vote for WellnessFX!

credit: Instagram @essemdake

credit: Instagram @essemdake

What does WellnessFX have in common with Nike Plus, Fitocracy, Gympact, and Larklife? We’re all nominated for Mashable’s Most Innovative Health & Fitness Company!

What sets us apart? YOU! Our wonderful community. Mashable editors nominated us, now you can help us win.

Mashable’s Innovation Index celebrates recent tech, digital and social innovations that have redefined your world. For each of the 15 Innovation Index categories, our hand-picked curators have selected five companies, products or technologies that are pushing the boundaries in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Now it’s your turn to cast your vote for the best innovation in each category. Voting is open until December 10, 2012, when Mashable will announce the winners of the 2012 Innovation Index.

Voting ends December 10th and you can vote every day. Look for WellnessFX under the Health and Fitness section!

Click Here to Vote!

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