Why Is It So Hard To Get The Tests You Need?

credit: Instagram @dem_deeem

Here at WellnessFX we offer affordable blood testing which includes a wide variety of biomarkers to give you a comprehensive picture of your health. We realize that a lot of the markers we test (which have been shown to be important indicators for preventative action – just check out our ongoing Biomarker Series) are not readily available to everyone. They are usually only offered to high-risk individuals, or to people who are already sick. This can be frustrating to patients who know the benefits of these tests, even though their doctors might have their best interests in mind.

So we recently went to Facebook and asked people if they’ve had trouble getting their practitioners to order certain tests. Here’s what our WellnessFX community said:

From the sounds of it, people run into he following barriers when trying to get certain tests from their healthcare providers: funding, availability, and differing opinions on necessity. Below, our Medical Director Doctor Murdoc Khaleghi weighs in on these roadblocks, why it’s so hard to get certain tests, and what the future may hold for preventative healthcare:

Currently our health care system is oriented to focus on doing diagnostics on those that are sick, and for the physician to be the sole determinant of what sort of tests are done. A lot of this is historic. Our health care system originated based on treating sickness and without patients having access to medical knowledge themselves.

Over the last several decades we have seen an amazing revolution in both preventative diagnostics and in patient access to information (of note our CEO, Jim Kean was part of that revolution when he formed the consumer side of WebMD). Because of this, we now have the opportunity for patients to be empowered and truly be partners in their care.

Our health care system tends to move a bit slower than our societal and technological progress due to cultural, educational, and financial reasons. Fortunately there are organizations like WellnessFX who can work with our healthcare system to foster such patient empowerment while reducing time, office, and staffing costs of traditional office-based care.

What do YOU think about the rise of preventative medicine and the progress of healthcare? What can we do about it? Weigh in below in the comments section.

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