What to feed your kids to optimize their health and performance

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You’ve seen it before. The cranky five-year-old who won’t sit still. The kid on a sugar-high one second and whining for more the next. We point fingers to the parenting, or excuse as inevitable bumps in the road towards maturity. Yet, can we really recognize how much what we eat can affect our energy levels, mood, and overall functionality without considering that maybe, just maybe, our kids work exactly the same?

It’s our third week of chatting with the Bulletproof Executive and upcoming author of the Better Baby Book, Dave Asprey. He and our CEO, Jim Kean, have sat down for enlightening conversations on the roles of Vitamin D and the best fatty acids for our bodies. Today they tackle maybe the most valuable topic yet: the importance of ‘foundation nutrition’ and how to keep children calm, focused and healthy.

Think of your children like a house in development, where the carpenter will use whatever materials and tools you supply, no matter the quality. You don’t want your home to be built with moldy wood, crooked nails, and plastic doors, but if that’s all you supply, what else can you expect? Just like the carpenter, your kid’s body can use only what’s given. Unlike a house, however, your child has to live with this body for the rest of his or her life. Here are a few tips and guidelines to supply your child with the right tools to build a sustainable foundation, while satisfying their tastebuds as well!

  • Organic eggs and organic bacon is a great breakfast. Make sure not to overcook the eggs – you want the yolk still runny or else you risk supplying your child with oxidized cholesterol, which is never a good thing!
  • Split open a young tai coconut, cut it in half, and scoop out the soft inside to make a bowl. Fill with frozen blueberries and say ‘Your Welcome.’
  • Bring organic butter to spread on gluten-free crackers (we recommend Mary Organic Crackers) or fruits during road-trips. Healthy fats will slow digestion and keep your child satiated for longer.
  • Mix some ground cocoa with stevia and almond butter. It has all the health benefits of raw cocoa, minus the processing plus just enough yummy. Your kids will love it!

With a little time, research and thought you can build a foundation for your child to lead to a healthy, happy life. Just consider the improvement in behavior and temperament a welcome bonus!

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