5 Reasons Why WellnessFX Is Better than Your Annual Physical

Diagnostic medicine is dramatic. Doctors are expected to be detectives and to solve health crises with extremely limited time and information. Yet we are conditioned to believe that a visit to our doctor is the  only way to address our health.

WellnessFX challenges that belief. Here are five reasons why:

1.      Comprehensive diagnostics

Doctors typically test only a handful if any biomarkers at an annual physical.

WellnessFX tests 30 – 125 different health markers depending on the package, focusing on all of the conventional red flags as well as more subtle indicators of ill health. Our Baseline package includes advanced lipid profiles, inflammation biomarkers, vitamin D levels, comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), thyroid panel, and newer cardiovascular health markers..  WellnessFX Premium package includes screenings of genetic markers for the effectiveness of common medications, hormones indicative of reproductive and athletic health, , and types of fats in the blood that develop in clogging and can determine the best nutrition for your body. WellnessFX utilizes the most advanced laboratory testing techniques available.

WellnessFX gives you and your practitioners more data with which to work.

2.      Customized health management programs

With their limited time as well as insurance constraints, doctors are forced to just follow general guidelines when assessing your health. Thinking about the individual is not usually feasible, as doctors may not have enough time with your or enough information about you to create a personalized health plan.  They often have to focus on disease, with most of the diseases they focus on being preventable.

WellnessFX practitioners have the benefit of not being constrained by time and insurance.  They take the time to get to know you inside and out (literally), and design a personalized health and wellness plan for you that reflects your needs and goals. The WellnessFX practitioners can work around your schedule, allowing you to avoid waiting rooms and travel time. Blood samples can be taken from your home or office.

WellnessFX appreciates that health and wellness is the opposite of “one size fits all.”

3.      Consistent monitoring

Only 20% of Americans get their annual physical, and those that do still only typically see their physician annually. Yet dramatic changes to health and wellness can take place within weeks.

Consistent monitoring adds depth to the comprehensive diagnostics that WellnessFX offers.  Initial blood test results provide an important baseline assessment of your overall health – the starting point of your journey. WellnessFX then utilizes a Health Dashboard to visually represent your health and track improvements. It provides an easy-to-understand diagram that displays key metrics and markers. Follow-up tests at set intervals then help you and your practitioners track your progress and tweak your program based on what works for you.

WellnessFX helps you monitor your health consistently, rather than sporadically.

4.      Education

How many times has your doctor handed you a prescription rather than explaining how and why you might be feeling sick? Studies show from a third to a half of patients do not understand their prescriptions, and significant portion of those are therefore not compliant.

After performing screening tests and devising a personalized health and wellness plan, your WellnessFX practitioners teach you how to interpret the test results in line with your history and your symptoms.  Your Health Dashboard provides a breakdown of the different organ systems, markers and nutrition information from your diagnostics. You can research any points of interest using the wealth of information on the WellnessFX website and blog, and through speaking with your WellnessFX practitioners.

WellnessFX provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your own health and wellness.

5.   “Well” care rather than “sick care”

We are conditioned to visit our doctor when we get sick. Sometimes we even wait until our symptoms are severe. At that point, both we are in reactive mode – attempting to limit damage and heal as quickly as possible

WellnessFX services allow you to understand potential risks and how to modify your lifestyle to restore your wellbeing – before symptoms become severe.  Numeous studies show the most successful, and cost-effective, care for disease is to prevent them from even occurring. Addressing your health challenges now, and employing preventative care, can significantly improve your quality of life today and in the future.

WellnessFX helps you be well and healthy on a day-to-day basis, and to troubleshoot any health issues which may crop up in your life.


At WellnessFX, we believe that the best way to effect meaningful change in health and wellness is through:

  • comprehensive diagnostics personal to you;
  • customized programming from health professionals;
  • consistent monitoring; and
  • education from integrative health experts

We give you the tools needed for you to optimize your health. Join us now and explore your full health and wellness potential.

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