Fit Inside & Out – WellnessFX at the CrossFit Games

Sometimes, life throws curve balls. You know – food poisoning, the flu, all nighters at work…or, if you are a CrossFit Games athlete – Pendleton. A brutal mini-triathlon involving an ocean swim with fins, mountain bike ride through sand and rough terrain (bike as backpack?) and a trail run at elevation.  All two days in advance of the scheduled start date for the Games. Ouch.

At WellnessFX, we believe that fitter, healthier bodies are better able to cope with the stressors of everyday life, as well as the challenges of elite competition. We take CrossFit’s evidence based methodology internal – giving you a clear picture of your biomarkers and a plan for improvement.

The better you know yourself, inside and out, the better prepared you will be to respond take on the unknown…

Jim Kean, WellnessFX CEO, and Kelly Starrett, MobilityWOD

Join us at the CrossFit Mobility booth at the CrossFit Games where we will provide paleo snacks, t-shirts, and a chance to win a free Baseline package. Founder Jim Kean will be on hand to answer questions and explain the WellnessFX approach in detail.

Learn about how CrossFit boxes like TJ’s Gym, CrossFit Portland and CrossFit LA are partnering with WellnessFX to make their athletes fitter and healthier, by measuring, tracking, and optimizing internal biomarkers.

Not going to the Games? Find more information about out how to bring WellnessFX to your box and members here.

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