Guest Post: Seasonal Allergies Solutions

Our office manager and resident nutritionist, Johanna Thorn, offers some advice for the many of us sufferring from seasonal allergies. The post originally appeared on her blog:

I see so many people around me suffering from mild to severe symptoms; sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, sinus pressure, fitful sleep, poor appetite and so on. Want some relief?  Keep reading then!

There are so many contributing factors that could be behind your allergy issues.  You may be surprised to hear that your adrenal health, digestive and liver health play a major role in how your body is going to respond to allergens.  So supporting those systems with extra nutritional therapies often helps relieve or alleviate some or all of your symptoms.

What to eat (or not eat!):

  • All your food should be ORGANIC: the chemicals, pesticides, toxins in commercially grown food do not provide nutrition for the body to thrive; rather they put stress on your digestive system, liver, kidneys, turning your body into a toxic wasteland and dumping ground
  • Lots of fresh, vegetables with lean protein; both raw and cooked variations
  • Eliminate grains and sugar laden foods
  • Eat a protein and vegetable combined breakfast; don’t skip breakfast; it’s the most important meal of your day
  • Add fermented foods into your daily food choices; such as sauerkraut, miso, kombucha
  • Avoid eating the same foods over and over again; mix it up!  variety is the key
  • Add watercress to your diet; contains vitamins E, B and C.  Antiallergen

Nutritional Therapies:  (if purchasing on your own:  I recommend New Chapter; Organic, Whole Food supplements)


Additional: (pick and choose what suits your needs)

These are just some basic suggestions that can support you to live each day more vibrantly and comfortably.

Make everyday a Living Vibrantly day!!

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Seasonal Allergies Solutions

  1. Charise Boudrie says:

    Seasonal allergy can be treated by antihistamines and anti-allergy medications. I always take hydroxyzine to stop the sneezing. ;:’.:

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  2. Jada Gills says:

    Seasonal allergy is not always a problem since you can take some OTC antihistamines to manage its symptoms. ”

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