A Day in the Life of Tim Ferriss – WellnessFX featured

Tim Ferriss visited our offices the other day along with the camera crew covering a “Day in the Life of Tim Ferriss.” His draw is featured in the first few minutes (along with our co-founder Brent Vaughan). Tim Ferriss notes “WellnessFX is taking high level medicine and putting it in the hands of the consumer.” We couldn’t agree more and are excited by the possibilities for the future.

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9 Responses to A Day in the Life of Tim Ferriss – WellnessFX featured

  1. Clint Wilson says:

    Looks like a great video WFX team and would love to show our @cazoomi Philippine teams in training this week and next. Any chance it will be on YouTube too?



  2. Congrats! Great exposure for you guys. I was as excited to see you in the film as learning more about Tim. Double bonus!

    • Thanks Theresa – we’re really excited by the coverage as well!

      • Souvik says:

        Michael thank you for sharing this video Tim Ferris chenaelgls me to think outside the box I loved the Tipping Point and the parallels are interesting for me. My biggest challenge in selling real estate is to think out of the box but not in your face for my style of serving my ideal clients I find that in your face writing attracts those kind of people and they’re not as much fun for me to work with I like positive people. For me I beleive the opportunity may be to be a forum / news reporter for local hot topics like whether to put a new parking garage on the beach or not my brains been stretched I’ll keep you posted on the process Cyndee Haydon

  3. Love this show. HI Tim, would be nice to have you on board for my pivoted-nth-time startup;)

    • Thanks Grant! Visit our Facebook page to enter to win 30 minutes with Tim to consult on your nth start up.

      • Serama says:

        Hi Mike,I’d like to thank you for the 16 day workout. I wtaend to try crossfit and was looking for a sample beginners work out and stumbled upon yours. I am now on day 10 and LOVING it! I never thought I could even begin to do things like this and here I am burpee-ing my way through it!I am not in the best shape, so getting each day done is a great achievement. Tomorrow I have to do 100 burpees and I’m kind of looking forward to see how I fare! And then the 5kn run!!! OMG! I feel weirdly excited and apprehensive! Looking forward to more workouts Thank you again!

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