WellnessFX and CrossFit

One of the fastest rising sports phenomena in history has been that of CrossFit. Starting from a few thousand West Coast adherents at the early part of last decade, it has grown into a worldwide sports movement of over 2.5 million people with its own sports language, standardized methodology, and culture. With current growth rates of over 50% annually, it has created a sport around being “fit.”

As a training methodology it emphasizes being a good general athlete performing a variety activities in different circumstances. As opposed to a regular gym, you not only compete with yourself to improve but also work with a group to perform the Workout Of the Day or WOD. These generally involve performing a warmup, learning specific skills and applying these skills within a 10-15 minute workout aimed at improving your metabolic conditioning. The entire ethos of CrossFit is self improvement combined with teamwork and encouragement from the CrossFit community, both at your gym and worldwide.

Crossfit Affiliates or “Boxes” are also very much into the sharing of best practices, workouts, and results online – whether through posting videos to YouTube or updating CrossFit forums. It is literally the first worldwide open source sport phenomena. In part, its appeal also arises from the fact that everyone does the same workouts. The only difference between a world-class athlete and a 70 year old grandmother is intensity and scale. This grassroots level of programming and democratization has led to CrossFit becoming viral worldwide without a huge amount of corporate investment from a central authority. Needless to say, CrossFit in its current iteration would have been impossible even 15 years ago since the method of communication and spreading is that of the internet.

At WellnessFX, we applaud as well as embrace the CrossFit movement as we feel it closely aligns with our mission to democratize health. CrossFit empowers and supports everyone in the community to lead a healthier lifestyle, tailoring fitness to suit their abilities and needs, yet always pushing them a step beyond.  Sign up for your local box today to see what the movement is about.

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One Response to WellnessFX and CrossFit

  1. Jim says:

    This is great. Reminds me a bit of the partnership between Crossfit and Paleo nutrition. For another very interesting, equally “open source” training methodology, check out Movnat here http://movnat.com/. They are doing some very interesting things!

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