Natural Cures for the Cold & Flu Season

With the cold season upon us, our resident nutritionist and office manager, Johanna Thorn, has offered up her advice on how to naturally cure the afflictions many of us will suffer (or are suffering) from. As she has had many of the office members on ginger & honey concoctions or zinc lozenges, we can all attest to her vast knowledge and her solutions efficacy.

Note Johanna prizes both New Chapter and  Fungi Perfecti brands for their quality, purity, and integrity as they use whole foods, organic, sustainable practices with no pharmaceuticals or lab manufactured vitamins added. These are the two main lines she uses in her practice along with Garden of Life Raw Vegan line.

If you have (or may have) a cold, Johanna suggests…

  • I ensure I boost my immune system when exposed to someone else with a cold by spraying MycoShield and taking Immunity Take Care or Immune Support Echinacea Ginger Tonic. Echinacea and ginger in raw form can be substituted.
  • If feeling a little run down personally, do as above and take two Host Defense MyCommunity or LifeShield Immunity caps. It’s all about prevention.
  • If feel like cold is beginning to take hold in you, Johanna usually takes Zinc and Vitamin C; if cough develops, she uses Wild Cherry Bark Syrup.

If you have an infection, Johanna suggests…

  • Upper Respiratory:  Try some combination of Sinus and Respiratory, LifeShield or My Community, Badger Chest Rub, Wild Cherry syrup
  • Other infections:  Oregano Force, LifeShield or MyCommunity, Zinc, Vitamin C
  • Bacterial infections:  Oregano Force, LifeShield or MyCommunity, Zinc, Vitamin C
  • Follow up with Probiotic Immunity seven days afterwards

Additional wellness tips from Johanna…

  • Use Perfect Immune MultiVitamin through the winter months
  • Keep a bottle of MycoShield spray at home and in “purse or pocket” so instant exposed to something can spray throat immediately
  • Use Rescue Remedy any time under any type of stress or trauma whether emotional or from physical injury
  • Avoid sugar of all kinds (even natural) if feeling run down or fighting something to avoid immune system suppression
  • Get plenty of sleep and try to slow down a little bit

What is in my medicine cabinet:

Stay tuned for more natural tips from Johanna in the coming weeks. And let us know if you have any tips of your own!

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