WellnessFX connects with its roots and makes new friends in Portland, Oregon

On December 8th, WellnessFX visited Portland to introduce ourselves to the health community with our founders and members of the team.  Our founder, Jim Kean has deep roots in Portland, having started Sapient networks (later part of WebMd) in Portland and belonged to the community for a number of years.  We connected
with members of the health community, from practitioners to MMA fighters to discuss our platform and the implications for the Health 2.0 revolution. From visits with Nortwest College and pints at BridgePort BrewPub, we were warmly welcomed and impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Portland health community.

As the site of our founder’s first company, Sapient Health Networks, Portland holds a special significance – hence our interest in launching shortly in the community.  Not only has Jim been a resident for over a decade, but he has also worked closely with many members of the health community from the local University to other entrepreneurs. In fact, Sapient networks was launched in part out of BridgePort Brew Pub where many a late night brainstorm or celebration was held.

Having lead the Health 1.0 movement, WellnessFX was happy to introduce the audience to our current platform, a forerunner of the consumer-empowered Health 2.0.  WellnessFX can help anyone from a MMA fighter to a couch warrior track their health and optimize it. Many of our members have shown incredible improvement in their health markers over time.

Perhaps most impressed with the product were the many practitioners who joined us from the Portland community, including our beloved Dr. Ross. Frequent comments heard were how great the WellnessFX product is and that it’s long overdue to address many of the shortcomings of our existing healthcare system. Many of the following questions were addressed:

Question: How do the tele-consults work?

Answer: We provide a conference line for the practitioner to discuss the results with the WellnessFX member. Our product allows you to share the Doctor’s clipboard so to speak.

Question: What does it mean to be a part of the healthcare “team”?

Answer: We see our platform as really allowing everyone to practice integrative medicine. A member may see a nutritionist, acupuncturist and a general practitioner through their program. Everyone works together with the member to improve their health bringing the best from each discipline.

Question: How often are diagnostics run?

Answer: This depends on the member but typically every 4 to 6 months.  What most of our practitioners find is that this, plus consulting with the patient, has a tremendous power to affect change in the members health.

The WellnessFX team was incredibly touched by the warm welcome to Portland.  With our current round of funding, we are excited to be launching our product in Oregon soon! Look forward to working with many of the people we met during our visit.

If you want to connect with WellnessFX when we come to your city, please email info@wellnessfx.com.

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