LOHAS Forum on Consumer Trends & Health

Members of our team headed to Boulder last week to take part in the annual LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Forum, where we saw again that wellness fans aren’t a single group but represent a wide variety of healthy interests. The LOHAS experience considers how ideas in business, environment, health, and wellness can educate about existing and emerging sustainable practices (including the many forms that sustainable living can take).

After morning outdoor yoga and heart rhythm meditation sessions at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa, panel discussions included:

Intergenerational consumer trends: Steve French and Gwynne Rogers from the Natural Marketing Institute shared that while Baby Boomers still make up the majority of LOHAS consumers, Gen Xers and Ys are becoming more active in the space. The latter are motivated to incorporate more sustainable products and services into their busy lives—and sometimes “partial solutions” are deemed good enough when their time, money and convenience are on the line.

The movement of coalition branding: Speakers from GoodGuide, EcoBonus, and The SOAP Group discussed the shopping “value vs. values dilemma” in which consumers consider their values when shopping with the aid of tools to navigate sustainable brands and their impact. These “pull” tools offer resources consumers want, which is a major change from the “push” messaging that has long dominated marketing.

GMO Awareness: Michael Besancon from Whole Foods talked about ways that genetically modified foods have infiltrated our lives and what the organic food industry is doing to combat this.

While WellnessFX is focused on providing individuals with the tools and resources to improve and control their overall health and wellness, many LOHAS consumers embrace a macro vision of (global) health and wellness through daily choices made in their personal and professional lives. The collective energy and enthusiasm at LOHAS was most inspiring, and it promises to be a valuable resource for WellnessFX as we move forward.

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